HC with Smile Brilliant

February 19, 2020

and saying hello to a new, white smile!

“If you’re not whitening, you’re yellowing” is the catchphrase from a teeth whitening commercial I overheard on TV years ago. Safe to say, that phrase has stuck with me ever since and I’ve been mindful about whitening my teeth at least twice a year.

Smile Brilliant SAVED me from the indulgences of this past holiday season. I can’t count how many cups of coffee or glasses of wine I consumed throughout the past few months. My teeth have never been considered “yellow” but they were not “smile brilliant white.” I noticed I had a bit of yellowing around my gum lines between some of my teeth. It didn’t alarm me but I wanted to be rid of the yellow before holiday season photos and upcoming photoshoots.

With Smile Brilliant, I was able to whiten my teeth with custom-made trays and they even offer a gel for individuals with sensitive teeth!


  1. Order the system. Order the complete package and make your dentaI impressions in less than 15 minutes. Send your impressions back in a prepaid envelope (included for US)
  2. The lab creates your custom trays. The Smile Brilliant lab receives your dental impressions, crafts an exact model of your teeth, and hand finishes your custom-fitted tray.
  3. WHITEN. Follow the instructions in your whitening kit to review how to correctly apply the gel to your trays. Around 7-14 sessions is the number of whitening sessions needed by the average person to remove all stains.

My Smile Brilliant Journey

I started whitening two days before Thanksgiving and tried to go for the full 3 hours. I absolutely do not recommend starting off with a full session but instead follow the directions and work your way up to the three hour maximum time limit. Start with 45 minutes to an hour, otherwise you may end up like me and have to take a week-long break after session number one!

After my teeth were ready to handle the next session, I progressed from one hour for the next few sessions to two hours and finally, towards the end of my whitening sessions, to two hours and forty-five minutes

The entire whitening process took me thirteen sessions and I couldn’t be happier with the results. The yellowing I was concerned about was completely gone and I’ve been able to keep my teeth white by being mindful of dark or vibrantly colored beverages and foods. Brushing after eating a meal can help prevent staining. If you’re not in a situation where you are able to brush your teeth after consuming a meal, rinse your mouth with water!No more yellowing between my teeth or by my gum lines!  

If you’ve been looking for a custom-fitted, reliable teeth whitening service you can do yourself in the comfort of your own home, I highly recommend trying Smile Brilliant’s whitening system.


Their whitening kit is so easy to understand and use. The kit comes with visual directions and the kit is already compartmentalized, making staying organized extremely easy. Follow the instructions, take care of your teeth and pay attention to sensitivity levels, stay consistent and you’ll see a brighter smile in no time!

Questions or comments? Feedback? Let me know, I am more than happy to help!

Love always,