Life’s tough but so are you

Life’s tough but so are you

“life’s tough but so are you”

Life’s too short to live a season on autopilot. 

Even if you’re in a difficult season, don’t “numb-out” and wait for the storm to pass. It’s easier said than done, but face your obstacles head on and challenge yourself, whether it be a physical or a mental challenge.

Developing and maintaining a tough mentality takes work. Doing so may mean finally admitting to yourself that you’re really not as tough as you think you are.

Sure that’s an ego hit but it’s only a temporary surface wound. Unless you’re willing to admit you are not living your life to your fullest potential, you can’t fully commit to being better.

Unless you’re willing to admit the presence of weakness, there’s no honest progression that can be made. 

Whatever the picture of living your life to the fullest potential looks like, isn’t that reality worth any temporary discomfort?

Unless we are willing to put ourselves through discomfort for the sake of being better, we can never truly be “better.” 

Ask yourself:

When life serves you the infamous bowl of lemons, how do you respond?  When you find yourself in an unpleasant situation, how do you push through?

I say this because I’m currently in a season of growth. 

I ask myself every day, multiple times a day, if I’m doing my best. And to be honest, no, no I’m not. I’ve found myself coasting more times than I care to admit. I’m a hypocrite to my own advice. I’ve felt what I’ve needed to feel but I’ve also wallowed for much longer than I needed. I have to keep myself accountable because I do want to grow. In my own challenges, my biggest obstacle is my own doubt and negative self-talk. 

Can you relate? 

I’ve heard the voice of procrastination louder than I’ve heard the voice of resilience. And I’ve given in; I’ve taken the easy route, skirting around issues, because I don’t want to face reality. I’ve called myself out so many times this season that getting uncomfortable has quickly become a favorite hobby. I’m comfortable with getting uncomfortable and for that, I’ve seen monumental growth – but I still have miles to go. 

From me In my own journey to you on your journey, my love and best wishes.


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