Eyelash Extensions Pros and Cons: What You Need to Know

October 9, 2019

If you’ve ever had thoughts about getting eyelash extensions, read on! With the help of the Lashes + More Beauty Studio located in Bluffton, South Carolina, I answer a few Q’s + A’s about eyelash extensions. In addition to a Q+A session, I’ve also included a pros and cons section about eyelash extensions for additional information.


Customizable and Unique

Each eyelash extension appointment will be different for each individual. You can talk to your aesthetician about the different styles available or the type of look you prefer. Because I have dark features, I asked for a bolder, more voluminous application. You can also tell them if you like the look of wispy, straight set or minimal eyelash styles. I’ve also been told that having a few different photo examples of what you’d like your eyelashes to look like will be a huge help.

Minimize your makeup routine

No more mascara-hunting or strip lash frustrations. In addition to those two points, eyelash extensions helped minimize my makeup routine to just under six minutes. Yup, you read that right: six minutes. Now I know everyone’s routine is different but personally, lash extensions are worth it if I no longer have to struggle with strip lashes gluing correctly or accidental mascara swipes on my eyelid.

Enhance your natural beauty

Anytime I wore strip lashes and used eyeliner, I hid the natural shape of my eye. Lash extensions help to enhance your natural beauty and emphasize the beauty of your eye shape.


Results are not permanent

Depending on your personal preference and style, you may like having fuller looking lashes. If so, this may mean more frequent visits and shorter waiting periods between fills. Your eyelashes will naturally shed 2-3 individual lashes each day, which means by the end of two weeks you will have shed between 14-21 lashes per eye. This could make a difference on the overall fullness of your lashes which leads me to the next point regarding price point.

Can be costly

The cost of upkeep and maintenance of eyelash extensions can become costly, especially if you are having them filled every 1.5 – 2 weeks. The cost of eyelash extensions will depend on your salon of choice but never sacrifice quality and safety for a few dollars.

Could be high-maintenance

Different eyelash applications will require different drying times after your appointment. Some eyelash glues will require you to stay away from water, steam, oils and washing your face for a period of a few hours after your appointment. In my case, Dulce Violet at Lashes + More Beauty Studio used a glue that didn’t require me to worry about getting my lashes wet.

Q’s + A’s

  1. How do I choose where to go? Do your research. I searched for “lashes extensions bluffton sc” to find eyelash extensions in Bluffton, South Carolina. Be sure to find a licensed and reputable aesthetician in your area. Look at reviews and photos left by other clients and if you’d like, give them a call! Because eyelash extension applications will take at least an hour or more, be sure you are comfortable with your choice.
  2. Do eyelash extensions ruin your eyelashes? Nope, this is a myth! If you find someone that is skilled and is reputable, they will know how to correctly and safely apply extensions to avoid any issues.
  3. How do you wash your face? It’s not difficult to wash your face after your lash application. The only difference is to be careful around the eye area and avoid being too rough with your lashes. I am still able to wash my face but instead of splashing water all over, I cup the water in my hand and work my way around my lash area. After washing, a gentle pat around the area and underneath my eyes will dry any water that may have gotten on my lashes.
  4. Can I still use eyeliner? Yes and no. Prior to lash extensions, I was using a MAC liquid liner. After my lash appointment, I found it extremely difficult to apply liner without getting the liquid on my lashes. Since, I’ve switched to a retractable pencil and haven’t noticed the difference.
  5. Will eyelash extensions cause an infection? No, I’ve never had nor have I ever personally known anyone to get an eye infection because of eyelash extensions. If you’re constantly touching your eyes, which is a huuuuuge no, you may be more susceptible to an infection. But no, eyelash extensions do not directly cause an eye infection.
  6. Can you still rub your eyes? In the traditional sense, no. I can still apply pressure to the top of my eyelid but no, I can’t rub my eyelids.
  7. How often do you have to get them done? I can wait about 2-3 weeks between fills. However, this is my personal preference and if you don’t mind waiting longer, more power to you!
  8. Do they hurt? No, getting eyelash extensions do not hurt! In fact, it’s completely painless and I could barely feel my aesthetician apply the lashes.

Final Thoughts

So will I be getting eyelash extensions again? Yup! I’d absolutely recommend eyelash extensions for anyone wanting to minimize their daily beauty routine. I’d also recommend eyelash extensions for anyone with a special event: dance, wedding, reunion, holiday, a date or honestly any occasion where you may want a little extra “oomph” without too much extra effort.

If you’re located in the LowCountry area: Hilton Head, Bluffton, Beaufort or surrounding areas, I’d highly recommend Dulce Violet at the Lashes + More Beauty Studio located in Old Town Bluffton. Click here for her address and examples of her work.

Love always,