to be thankful and to be inspired

I didn’t find my friends; the Good Lord gave them to me -ralph waldo emerson     I’ve had the hardest time finding the right words to create an introduction to help me accurately describe…

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Hashtags Explained and COLLECTIONS Introduced

Why did I choose #ThePromenadeStory and #TheBlufftonBlogger ? The Bluffton Blogger is simple and self-explanatory. However, the Promenade Story kicks-off the collection series that will take the place of solely text posts. The Promenade Story…

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What is it about Legacy Magazine?

“May we cultivate curiousity while choosing clarity over chaos: celebrate creativity while choosing connectedness over comparison, and curate confidence while choosing courage over comfort” -Legacy Magazine What was it about Legacy that initially caught my…

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A little about me

Hey there! I am so excited to have this up and running! I’ve never liked writing “About Me’s” but hopefully this will help some of you understand why I’ve come to create my own little…

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