All About We

Who are you guys?

WELL, we are your:

“pretty-average 20’s something couple with those not-so-average pups, living in the LowCountry of South Carolina.”

Does that help?

Hopefully a bit.

Many of you already know me and some of you may already know my story of how a Maryland native ended up living in a small coastal town called Bluffton, South Carolina.

BUT this post isn’t about ME…it’s about WE.

“We” refers to Chi, Hannah, Ollie and Alfie. The 20’s something couple you’ll see every now and then walking around Old Town Bluffton with their two pups. It’s so amusing how many people will recognize the pups by name and then have no clue what Chi’s name or my name is, HA. It’s okay though, any extra loving on the pups from neighborhood friends are always welcome.


(can someone please create a couple name out of this?)

Fun Facts:

  • We reeeeeeally love traveling. Any coming weekend we have free, we’ll choose a place we’ve never been or a place we want to revisit, pack up the car and make a road trip out of it.
  • We love food. We absolutely LOVE food (especially Ollie)
  • On our mountain trips and hikes, Ollie is always our trail leader and blazer
  • Alfie can’t help his urge to stay away (out) from the ocean, pool or lake
  • We love visiting places and sharing those experiences so that YOU can add it to your travel list!
  • Ollie and Alfie are velcro-pups, they rarely leave my side and will only cuddle up to Chi if he’s bribing them with food and racquet balls
  • We love where we live and all the noise that comes with living above a bar
  • Alfie’s favorite pastime is chewing on his racquet balls and barking at the dogs walking by the window
  • Ollie? He’s the most mellow 2-year old dog I’ve ever come across
  • We love dog park visits because that means the pups can run all their energy away and socialize with other dogs
  •  Alfie hates when I work from home. Better yet, he hates when I’m looking at a laptop, book, phone, TV-anything that takes my attention away from him
  • Chi and I have always talked about hiking the AT trail from Maine to Georgia. Maybe one day we will!
  • We love meeting other puppy mama/dad families-if you love dogs, I’m sure we’ll get along just fine

Before sitting down and physically typing out this post, I felt like there were so many things such as topics, tips, conversations and stories I wanted to include but after some thinking, I realized I wanted to focus on the four of us together. These 3 have become my life and I would be making a mistake to not put the spotlight on them a bit more.

After my little break from social media, I wanted to re-introduce myself and who I am but for now, I’m much happier introducing US as a group and maybe down the road in a few months revisit “Who I Am and About Me.”

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed this quick read about who we are and continue to follow along on our adventures. I know I am still so appreciative and thankful for this community for being so supportive and encouraging when it comes to sharing my/our stories.

Until next time!

Currently listening: Wilder Mind – Mumford & Sons

Love Always,





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  1. August 9, 2018 / 8:30 pm

    You little family is just so sweet 😍 I love how the “kiddos” have their own unique personalities.

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