When did you start blogging?

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I originally started blogging as a way to document our life together: Malachi, myself, Ollie and Alfie. It was our first year to navigate the military spouse/family life as well as the first of truly plugging into our immediate, local community - 2016 was an incredibly special year for our family so I began documenting our adventures with photos and posts which eventually led to the start of the blog. What started out as a simple blog quickly grew as we began creating content focused on how we could use our expertise to help inspire and inform others!


How long did it take to make the transition into full-time blogging?

The decision to invest into building the brand full-time came after a year's worth of planning and preparation. We were both working full-time: he was stationed at the Marine Corps Air Station-Beaufort and I was working in Advertising and Marketing. At this point, I had already been blogging part-time for a little over a year and early on had discovered my passion for supporting local businesses. With Malachi's support and after onboarding our first group of clients and partnerships, we made the jump and haven't looked back since!

Who shoots your content?


For the majority of our content for our partnerships and campaigns, we do it all ourselves! Our website does feature stunning portrait photos shot by JB Marie Photography and Kim Go Photography but unless otherwise indicated, all images are our own.

Where are you located?


We consider the Eastern Shore of Maryland as our primary location with the Lowcountry of South Carolina as our second home base. However, because we travel frequently for our campaigns, we don't consider ourselves tied to just one place!

I'm a new brand and don't have a marketing budget yet. Will you still consider a potential collaboration?


While we typically only accept paid-for collaborations and projects, we're still happy to discuss sponsorship opportunities with you. Send us an inquiry by filling out the contact form or send us an email letting us know about your exciting new endeavor.

How do you decide what products to feature on your blog and in your shop?


In our everyday life, we're extremely careful to use clean, plant-powered products as we believe our overall wellbeing and general wellness is dependent on what we put in (nutrition) and on (skincare/beauty products) our bodies. We strive to support and highlight sustainable brands that share our values on wellbeing. Brand integrity is important to us, so our promise is to only feature or promote products we have personally tested and have had positive experiences with.

Do you offer one-on-one brand building consultations or have resources available?


We do! If you're curious about starting your own blogging platform, we're more than happy to help. Reach out to us at hello@hannahjoycagas.com or by filling out our "contact us" form below for more information.

Did we miss anything?

If we missed something or if you have any other questions for us, let us know!

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